Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Monday

I am new to this blogging sensation and having a good time with it. Today I decided to do Fun Monday. I hope you all don't mind my joining in. Sarah is the host and her assignment is to document a typical day with your camera and post it. Well, here goes, I will try not to bore you to much! Just remember, my days of getting kids off to school are long gone, although I do occasionally get three of my granddaughters off.

A typical day in the life of Jer and Jan!

Jer fixes a special blend of coffee every morning

We watch the news while having our coffee

Time for breakfast! are you bored yet???

Time to check out email and blogs we follow

We are having chicken in the crock pot tonite

Had to finish up laundry from the weekend

Dropped off some movies

Gassed up

Exercise time
This is just up to this afternoon. I still have to pick up three of my granddaughters from school. Fix dinner, clean up, get ready to watch one of our favorite shows. Dancing with the stars has kept us entertained on Monday evenings. See what you all have to look forward to when
you get OLD !!!!!!!! ha ha, This was fun!


{i}Post said...

You are a busy lady, for sure! Glad that Jer is on the mends!

The Church Lady said...

Good job mom! Isn't it fun to participate in Fun Monday?