Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

Jer has been lining up doctors appointments for over 3 weeks now. He has several health issues he is dealing with, so this requires four different kinds of doctors. Monday he went to see his Cardiologist for a follow up from last months scare, that turned out to be bad acid reflux. This is when they discovered that he had bad circulation in his left leg and was referred to another cardiologist who specializes in Peripheral artery disease. He will be examined next wed and find out what course of action will be taken (possibly an angiogram). Wednesday he went to see an Orthopod about his low back pain. Turns out he has spinal stanosis and a pinched nerve and that could also be affecting his leg (he may need an epidural for that). Today he went to his dermatologist to get his Basil Cell cancer taken off behind his left ear, that surgery went very well, they were able to get all the cancer in one swipe, a skin draft was done from skin taken from Jer's upper chest. Boy! it all sounds worse when you write it down. Hopefully we will get all this stuff taken care of in the next few weeks and Jer will be good as new. Poor guy hasn't been able to play golf for the past six weeks. We just look at each other and say! "Thank God for insurance"


The Church Lady said...

I am glad everything went well yesterday with the surgery. Jerry is a "get her done" kind of person!

Tracy said...

Keep your chin up and keep doing what your doing...staying healthy.

The Church Lady said...

Good job Mom on the blog background. You are learning!!