Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In the very beginning
Where have all the years gone, today is our 19th anniversary. They say Love is better the second time around, this is so true in our case. We feel so fortunate to have found each other and to share our life together. It has been a very interesting 19 years. When Jer and I met, he was living in Orlando Fl and I was living in Hampstead Md. We met Sept. 1, 1988 at a dance club (Wurlitzer's,an oldies club) on a Friday night. I gave him my # and told him if he was in town again to give me a call and I would meet him for a night of dancing (we both love to dance jitterbug). He was back in town in Oct and Dec, I met him for dancing at Wurlitzer's both times. We exchanged Christmas cards and that was it until Feb 1989. He was coming into town on business and wanted to take me out to dinner. This is when I realized that this guy was special. We stayed in touch by occasional phone calls, then came spring and Easter, Jer invited me to come to his home in Orlando Fl. Well the rest is history, we started a long distance love affair, got engaged in July and were married by Oct 21, 1989. Our wedding took place in Baltimore Md. we were married in Holy Cross Lutheran church and had a reception at the American Legion in Perry hall Md. Our life together started in Jer's house in Orlando fl. We lived there for 6 years and moved to Denver Colorado with Jer's job. After almost 4 years in Colorado, we both retired and moved back to the east coast. Hanover Pa. has been our home now for 9 years and we love it here. We have a blended family of six grown kids and nine grandchildren. The good Lord sure knew what he was doing when he brought us into each others path. As you can see, our blessings are many! Happy Anniversary Honey, I Love You.

Nineteen years and still going strong!


Tracy said...

Yep, it sure has been an interesting 19 years. Hope you have 19 more happy years together.

{i}Post said...

Happy anniversary! Love you guys. Glad we share the same date...it makes it more special!

The Church Lady said...

Happy Be-lated Anniversary Mom and Jer. I got caught up in my cruise and didn't remember to wish you one. Sorry.

lw said...

19 years with your Hunka Hunka Burning Love! Congrats.