Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Vermont Adventure part 1

Jer and I arrived at The Horizon Inn on Tuesday evening at 5pm. It was a long trip and we had enough time to check in unpack and get to the dinning room at 6pm. This set the pattern for the next 3 days. On Wednesday we hopped on the bus and left the Inn at 9am, we headed to Townsend Vermont for our first stop on the tour. We arrived at the Frisians of Majesty farm for a show and tour of the stables. These horses are absolutely beautiful and they are as gentle as can be as well as very smart. The horse below is 17 hands high...if you know anything about horses, you know this is a very large horse.

The stable they are kept in is bright and very clean as you can see in this photo. The horses loved for you to pet them!

Our next stop was at the Scott Covered Bridge...it is the longest covered bridge in Vermont. We walked across it and took lots of photos...even though the fall foliage was past peak, it was still a beautiful setting. We lucked out also, because the weather was sunny and in the 60's that day.

Time to board the bus and head to the Vermont Country Store...If you have never heard of this place...its a trip down memory lane. They carry all the old time toys, candy and gadgets that we grew up with.

This photo was taken just up the street from the Country store. The whole town was so very quaint!

It was time to head back to the Inn and about half way there, someone on the bus yelled..there's a Moose...the bus driver stopped, turned around and there he was a big male standing there in among the pine trees. He was nice enough to come out into the open field for us to take his picture...it was very exciting. The photo is grainy because I had to take it through the window, but you can see it is a moose. I think that made every body's day!

Stayed tuned for our Vermont adventure part 2 at the end of the week.


John Atkinson said...

Guys, thanks for sharing. Great pictures! Have fun.

Living Life said...

You really got some great photos! It is a picturesque place to visit! Glad you had fun and happy you are home.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with Vermont !

Tracy said...

It does look like a quaint and beautiful place. Too bad the moose picture didn't turn out better but atleast you can see the image.

Pamela said...

beautiful country. *as I pull out my to do list to add

LadyStyx said...

I ~so~ wanna go up that way sometime!