Monday, January 5, 2009

Whats On Your Mind?

Our hostess for Fun Monday this week is our interesting and fun friend Faye, She has given us something to "Think about" Here is her assignment ------

"What's on your mind as we close out 2008 and begin 2009? Large and small. What are often your first thoughts the minute you wake up? When you're alone and unguarded? Working? Stuck in traffic? Playing with the children? Walking the dogs? When you can't sleep?"

Let me see, had to give this some thought. I am not a deep thinker, I try to keep things simple in my head, don't like to clutter my brain with too much trivial stuff. My first thoughts when I wake up in the morning is what time is it and gotta get my coffee. After I wake up from drinking two cups of "caffiene" I think about what I am going to do that day. When I am alone, I think about what I can do to entertain myself or keep busy.

Stuck in traffic makes me think of shooting someone, making an illegal u turn, driving on the shoulder of the road , as you can see I do not deal with traffic too well. Playing with children, especially my grandchildren, gives me a sense of pleasure and peace and also, "when are they going to tire out so I can sit down." I have no pets, but I can tell you what I think when I see someone walking their pet/dog "They better clean up the "do do" and have respect for someone Else's property.

When I can't sleep,usually that is when I am worried about something or something I have planned, like a trip, party, working on a project or minor little details of something that is about to happen.

Since I have gotten older, my thought process has changed, the little mishaps in life are no longer worthy of taking up space in my brain. Life is a journey and that includes the good and the bad. Life is also very short, so I try to make the best of situations. I have a ongoing dialog with "God" whether it being, thank you for today, thank you for keeping us and our loved ones safe, even thank you for a good parking spot and sometimes, forgive me for maybe cussing a little.

Thanks for hosting Faye, you really give us "Food for thought"

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{i}Post said...

What? You cuss? No! ;0) Just kidding! Happy you!

Pamela said...

I should take your advice and not worry about the little mishaps. My blood pressure would go down.

I'm with you, tho, about cleaning up after dogs. When I had my big pooper (and it was) I learned to carry little pink bags.

Jan said...

I'm with you, worry really does not good. It's not healthy.

Sayre said...

Sounds like you're on cruise control everywhere except in traffic!

Molly said...

I habve enjoyed reading your post. We do have some similarities in our thinking. After I figure out that I need to get up in the morning, I am looking for a caffiene jolt. Playing with my grandchildren and spending time with their parents are some of my best moments. And my prayers are more like a dialog with God rather than the traditional kind of prayer.

Faye said...

I LOVE coffee--that's first thought on my mind in the morning--even better if there's a blueberry scone to go with it. And I'm all for responsible pet owners making their own honey patrols. Willie's poop bags are bright yellow so the neighbors will know we're good citizens.

More seriously though, you're right to be selective about what you spend serious though on. Usually it's the little things that make our lives good and meaningful.

m (the misanthrope) said...

You are right about not sweating the small stuff. I'm in my 30s now and am oh-so-slowly beginning to learn how to do that. And I hear you about the pet mess. I hope to have a dog someday, and if I do, you can bet that I'll be trailing behind him/her with the pooper scooper. Irresponsible pet owners give owners - and pets - a bad name.

Thanks for the thought-provoking post, and happy FM!

Alison said...

you will be happy to know that clipped to my dog's leash I have a holder for poop bags, I am a very responsible pet owner and it drives me nuts also when people don't clean up after their dogs.

ChrisB said...

Not clearing up doggy doos is a pet hate of mine (excuse the pun). As I've got older I feel less able to cope with all the minor irritants of life-it's been particularly noticeable in the past 2 years since I retired. Almost like now my mind has been cleared of the stress of work it has to be replaced!

Tracy said...

Your thoughts are the same as mine in the morning...what time is it and I hope there's coffee made.