Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mail Call Sunday

Wow a week has gone by already and its Mail call again. ipost invites us to talk about the mail we received, either snail or email.

This is the kind of mail I like to receive, discount coupons, I love shopping and when I can get a bargain, I'm there. Both of these stores are just around the corner from my home, so its very convenient. The other piece of mail is the monthly news letter from my home church in Pa. I enjoy reading the latest happenings in the church and it makes me feel connected when I am away for a few months. Of course it helps to have The church Lady being the secretary there, beings she is my Daughter and all! She makes sure a copy gets mailed to us down here in Georgia. That's all for now, see you next Sunday. Sooo what did you get in the mail this week?? Go on over an sign up click here!


{i}Post said...

Oh, I LOVE getting the coupons in the mail. Those are the best! Thanks for playing!

The Church Lady said...

It is so wonderful that your church forwards your mail to you in sunny GA! p.s. are you going to use those coupons?? If not, I could use the Bed, Bath & Beyond to purhcase my "K-Cups" for my Keurig machine!!