Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Little Winter Cheer with Maxine

Hope this put a smile on your face, Maxine is a straight forward lady! Its a miserable day here in Brunswick, raining cats n dogs. The Arctic front in the northeast is heading our way, not looking forward to the cold temps. (we are spoiled, I'll admit it). Have a great Day!


m (the misanthrope) said...

HAHAHA!!! Maxine is awesome. Thanks for the laughs! And yes, here in MD we are also bracing for the cold - I believe it's called an Alberta Clipper. Such a misnomer - it sounds like a beautiful ship, not a bonechilling meteorological mess! Anyway, thanks for the Maxine giggles!

The Church Lady said...

I like the one about the presidential campaign! So true, Maxine

The Freedom Writer said...

Waiting for the snow

Anonymous said...

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