Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its that time again

Boy where does the time go, it's mail call again. Most of our mail this week was "Bills" Yuck! But yesterday we received this card. Take a look, its an anniversary card, now isn't that nice! The only trouble is ---- our anniversary takes place in Oct. It's from the realtor who sold us our villa here in Georgia. She is either fashionably late or extremely early, we have yet to figure that out. We feel honored that she at least was thinking of us.

Now go on over to ipost to see what others got in the mail!


{i}Post said...

Hehe! I guess it is the thought that counts, no? I am sure it injected a bit of a romantic feel into the day at least!

The Church Lady said...

Very nice gesture. Maybe she meant your anniversary of when you purchased the Villa????