Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tid Bits from Brunswick Golden Isles Ga.

Since Jer and I will be here in Brunswick for the winter, I thought I would share with you some of the history that makes this area unique. We are having fun exploring our new territory. Every week I will post something of interest and hope this will acquaint you with "The Brunswick Golden Isles". This area incorporates, Brunswick, St Simons's Isle and Jekyll Island.

Lets start with this pot! This is where the first "Brunswick Stew" was made, which took place on St. Simon's Isle on July 2, 1898.
This is the recipe for Brunswick Stew, it is to "Die for" I have made it twice now. Every year in the late spring they have a Brunswick stew cook off, it's a very popular event in these parts. We have not been to one, because that is when we go back up north. But we hear there is always a big, big turnout!

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Tracy said...

YUMO! Can't wait for you to make us some.

The Church Lady said...

Very nice post. Adding the recipe was a great idea!! Looks yummy and I just may have to make it for my hubby!