Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Man Handy

Everybody knows the term "Handy Man", well here's another one for you, "A Man Handy"! That is my Hubby, everyday, he makes the bed, makes a delicious blend of coffee in the morning, helps with the dinner dishes and vacuum's as needed. He can be a handy man if he wants to on certain things, like changing out light fixtures, painting, some plumbing, but the big stuff he would rather hire a "Real Handy Man" to get the job done. Thanks to Jer for being my "Man Handy" I sure do appreciate all the things you do for me. I love U!


{i}Post said...

Hurray for him. He MUST know that housework makes a man THAT MUCH sexier!

The Church Lady said...

He sure looks good with vaccum in hand!! Keep up the good work!