Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Nephew's Wedding

On Saturday November the 8th, Jer and I attended his Nephew Jason's wedding. It took place in Williamsport Md, just south of Hagerstown. It was a Lovely church wedding and a very nice reception at the American Legion. Jer comes from a large family and it was almost like a reunion. He has seven siblings and six of them were present. Sister Linda and hubby Scott drove up from southern Md. Sister Holly drove up from Atlanta Ga. Sister Pam and Mother of the Groom lives in Hagerstown. Brother Dave and wife Kiyoko drove from Virginia. Brother Frankie lives just a short distance away in Green castle Pa. Jerry and myself drove up from Hanover Pa. Another Nephew Philip and wife Carol came up from Virginia also. Two niece's a grand niece and grand nephew were also there, they live in Hagerstown. The rest of his niece's and nephews all live in the south (SC n Fl) and could not make it up. With everyone being so scattered, its always so nice when we get together.

The Happy couple Jason and Tina

Jason and Mom Pam

Nephew Phil, good way to save your tie from getting stained!

Little Ethan, in his mini Tux,, How Cute

Brothers, Dave, Frankie and Jerry!
Jerry and Dave
The Sibs--Linda, Dave, Jerry, Frankie, Pam and Holly

Jan and Jerry


Mike Golch said...

Congrats to the new couple! I have a nephew named Jason as well.

The Church Lady said...

Sounds like the family needs to get together more often! Great pictures.

hulagirlatheart said...

I do love a wedding. So fun!