Thursday, November 20, 2008

Changing Places

Well this week is count down time for Jer and I to head down south for the winter. We have been blessed to be able to do this for the past ten years. We had a place in Daytona Beach for 13 yrs, but four hurricanes hit us in Aug of 2004, so we decided to recover, repair and sell. Lucky us, we were the last ones in our complex to sell. The next winter we decided to rent my husbands Son's place, which was just across from our old one. Well we found out fast, there is nothing like having your own. Since everything in Florida was so expensive at the time, we decided to go just over the state line into Brunswick-Georgia. (the temps are just 5 degrees colder then Daytona beach ) We found a most adorable little villa, brand new, two bedrooms with a sun room and the price was right. So here we are three years later. Since we have kids and grand kids here in the northeast and down in sunny Florida, we compromise and spent the holidays in Pa. one year and the next in Georgia. This is the year to spend the holidays in Georgia . Jerry's Son and family live three hours from us in Orlando fl. so we will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with them. We have been in the process of closing down the house here all week. This Sunday morning we are outta here. It takes us 11 hours to drive from here to Brunswick. Not looking forward to the drive, always so thankful to arrive at our destination. We will stay until March or April and head back to Pa. Jer and I are really enjoying our new location, lots of places to explore. The best part is, we escape the harsh winters in the northeast, right now it is 28 degrees brrrrrrrrrrr!


Tracy said...

AHHH...nothing like heading south for winter. Can I come and stay indefinitely?

{i}Post said...

Can we visit?!? ;0) See in the morning!

The Church Lady said...

I try not to think about you leaving....we will miss you as always. Of course, we will talk every single day!!!