Monday, October 27, 2008

The Card Club

Joyce, Lori, Joan, Iris, Jan, Pat and Marie - 1985
The seniors 3 - Lori, Jan and Joyce -23 years later

Having lunch together

I dedicate this blog to Joan Linda Lambdin 5/24/47 -9/11/04
Once upon a time there was a really fun group of girls. They called their group "The card club" even though we only played cards maybe three times. Way back in the late 70's I think it was 1976 two of my girlfriends Joyce and Joan, who happen to be sisters, thought it would be a good idea for our group of girlfriends to meet at each others house once a month to play cards. There were 7 of us at the time, me, Joyce, Joan, Lori, Pat, Marie and Deanna. The number soon went down to 6 because Deanna dropped out (she liked to play cards and we all just talked). It stayed this way for a few years.Then Iris Ann joined us and we were back to 7 again. Barby joined us in 1986 and we were up to eight. We saw each other through divorce, challenges of raising kids,the passing of loved ones, seeing our kids grow up and get married and now being grandparents. We still try to get together, but it has become very hard, the dynamics of this group have changed. The biggest change was the most devastating and that was the loss of our beloved Joan, she was only 57 years old. She was such a vibrant part of our lives, and it has left a void in all of our hearts. Our lives have become so busy with our kids and grand kids that its only a couple of times a year that we get to meet. Barb and Bob moved to florida and Jer and I go down south for the winters. Lately though, it seems like its just down to three of us, Lori, Joyce and myself. Yesterday was one of those times. It's funny how things change when you get older, we used to meet at 8pm and not break up until sometimes dawn(that's no lie). Now we make sure we meet early enough so we don't have to drive in the dark.(guess you can call us old!!) YIKES! We are so blessed to have each other for such a long time and I hope and pray we can continue until we leave this earth. I think we will!


The Church Lady said...

This post brought a tear to my eye. Miss Joan was so sweet!

Tracy said...

I'm so envious of the meaningful friendships you had and still, years later, have to this day. I think about Mrs. Joan often and probably miss her just as much as you do. We had a lot of fun times with her and her family.

lw said...

What a lovely tribute to our friend Joan. She was special to all of us. Our "card club" will never be the same without our Joanie. We still have each other and that's special indeed. Lets celebrate another 20 more years of friendship and keep the memory of Joan in our hearts.