Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jer the Miracle Man

This is an update on Jer's ongoing health problems. We got the results of his cat scan from last Thursday. He has P.A.D in both of his legs, his right arteries are blocked except one vein, he has no pain in that leg because he grew collateral arteries. The left leg (the one he has pain in)from his knee down is severely blocked and is working on some collateral arteries. His main arteries to both kidneys are also severely blocked. The carotid arteries are partially blocked,the left side is 50-70% and the right is less than 50%. He was told to just keep doing what he is doing and that is exercise, exercise, exercise to continue growing the collateral's. The doctor told him he was a miracle man. He will be closely watched by getting blood tests to check his creatine levels and making sure his blood pressure is under control for his kidneys. FYI, Jer also grew collateral arteries in his heart, his circumflex is totally blocked, this is one of the main arteries of the heart. So, did you get all that!!! Sounds pretty scary doesn't it! Jer has a good outlook on everything and plans on continuing doing the things he needs to do. He considers himself Blessed and so do I!


Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary!!! We were 18yrs
September 8th. I am sorry to hear
about all the health problems. Jer
is so active, he just has to keep
up all that activity. Take care, I
will be thinking of you both.

{i}Post said...

He is a miracle man! Hope all continues to go well. When can we meet for lunch? I would love to come to your next tea...I LOVE tea. Not that I am inviting myself or anything!

The Church Lady said...

Jerry never ceases to amaze me. He knows his body pretty well!

lw said...

That is a lot to take in. I didn't see surgery so that's good. Jer is the "Miracle man" growing his own arteries. Take care of him. Hes a good man.