Saturday, October 4, 2008

Historic Times

As I watch the news everyday, it seems the "America" as I knew it, is slowly disappearing. What the H--- happened to our country??? I am not only hopping "Mad", but so very sad and disenchanted. Sometimes I long for the "Good old days", when people saved their money for a down payment on a house and hoped that the Bank would approve them for a loan. WE never even thought about the Stock Market! There were lots of things you could buy that were made in the U.S. Try to find that now! Our children learned respect and were disciplined by their school teachers. I don't remember too many over weight kids when I was growing up. We played outside all year round (yes, even in the cold), most of our play involved some kind of aerobic exercise, (riding bikes, skating, tag, etc). Our Parents didn't have to sit and watch us play outside, because it was safe from predators. They say this is the "Land of opportunity" well the way I see it, we have provided opportunity for everyone else except our own people. Our fore fathers came from all over the world to form our nation. The constitution was founded on "Christian principles"What happened to these principles????? They took prayer out of our schools and off of some currency (afraid it would offend some none Christian's). Instead of standing up for our principles, we allowed people from other countries to come live here and change our way of life. Like most parents, Jer and I would like to think that our children and grandchildren will have a better life then we did, but in our hearts and minds, we know the simple times are gone forever. Our nation just took on more debt and guess who is going to wind up paying for this! You guessed it, our kids and grand kids. We are thankful and blessed that we made some good choices and saved our hard earned money. This has allowed us to live comfortably and able to enjoy retirement and grow old together. It will be a lot harder for our kids and grand kids to achieve this unless we turn our government around and get some good leadership for our Country!

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Tracy said...

It sounded like you needed to vent. Glad you did. I wish America was simply like when you were growing up. Do you feel better now?