Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Have a "Biter"

Just look at that cute little face and pretty blue eyes! The picture of innocence! Don"t be fooled! This little toddler can take a chunk out of you in a flash! So far we have three bites to record, one on her Mom's leg and back,and she got Casey on the chest. These occurred when our little angel was "MAD". Holly is quite the little explorer, always getting into things, cant take your eyes off of her. I love to watch her discover her world, wish I had her energy (Oh to be young again!). She is a social butterfly, loves to be around people. What a blessing to our family!


Tracy said...

She is a cutie pie but since the bite to my leg, I'm a little tense when she gets near me. You gotta love her.


{i}Post said...

How grown up she is! Last time I saw her, she was a babe in a car seat!