Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just want to say, Kudos to all you volunteers out there. Whether it be, helping at the schools, church, girls and boy scouts, brownies, youth groups, Local hospitals, humane society's, I commend you all! Jer and I have been doing "Meals on Wheel's" this week, its through the Hanover Council of Churches. I have to admit, we don't do this near enough, we have only been volunteering just once a year since we lived here (nine years). When we were in Florida for the winter, we did Meals on Wheels for the Daytona Beach area, the way they worked it down there was, you committed to one day a week. Our day was on Friday, that worked out well for us, we got to know the people we delivered to and it was such a gratifying experience. Both Jer and I have agreed that we need to do more for our community. We have pledged to get more involved with the council of churches and give more of our time to help other's that are less fortunate. Jer wants to get into mentoring for "The Changing Lives Shelter" he would counsel people on life's skills and how to interview for a job. I want to still do meals on wheels and go where ever they have a need for volunteers. If you want to be reminded of your many blessings! Go out and volunteer for those who are in need, it will keep you humble!


The Church Lady said...

I am proud of you for volunteering. Remember your church! You have volunteered your services there too and the Lord praises you for it!

Tracy said...

You're doing a wonderful service for your community. Glad there's people like you in ther world.