Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Holidays are upon us

Hello everyone...hope all is well in the Blogosphere. I am still around, just not blogging much.
It's getting to be that time of year for decorating, making ornaments, making pretzels treats, and sleep over.  Love this tradition with the Grands.  Even though the two oldest don't sleep over anymore (not cool) They still join the two youngest ones for the activities. What are some of your traditions for the Holidays?


Faye said...

Love your stained glass ornaments, Janis. I'm going to try my hand at making some origami stars out of Christmas sheet music.

Elizabeth Edwards said...

awww, looks like fun. i didn't know you were blogging again. where have i been. i noticed your link on FB & hopped on over. love Christmas time ... so fun!! have a happy day. ( :

Liz said...

What a lovely tradition! I hope you are both well and you had a wonderful Christmas. (Just checking in to see how you are)

Unknown said...

Love the decorations! Thanks for the share!

Sean Gallen said...

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