Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barn Charm ~ # 91

                                          A photo of fence n barn through a fence..with a texture added too!

                                                        to see more charming barn shots go here


Linda said...

I like what you did...that is a nice looking barn and a pretty setting!

Tanya Breese said...

oh this is gorgeous!!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Very pretty setting- I do love red barns!

Kathy said...

This is just a beautiful scene! Americana at its best!

TexWisGirl said...

what a pretty place!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Very pretty place and I like the added texture!

don said...

A fine Barn Charm post. I really like that fence stretching across the picture.

Brian King said...

That's gorgeous! Love the side windows on the barn!

Anonymous said...

Great shot. I love the horses and fence in the foreground.

A Colorful World said...

Great shot of fence and barn!

Elaine said...

Love the barn and the whole scene! Well done!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

Some day I'll learn to alter photos and hopefully they'll come out as nice!...:)JP

genie said...

I keep finding barns that I missed this week. Yours even has one fine fence, too. At first The barn looks like a house, gut then when you see there are no windows on the bottom, you know immediately it is a barn....and a very nice one. I am wondering if the smaller building is a spring house. This is a beautiful rural landscape. genie

Roan said...

Beautiful scene. It has everything right down to the horse.

Small City Scenes said...

Ya got it all in one shot!! Even a horse. MB

Kranky Granny said...

What a lovely old barn. A fantastic share.

Anonymous said...

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