Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shoot Me ~35 of 52

Here we are our friends wedding! Did I tell you that all the guest wore black n white!!!
Oh...n that board behind us... was for everyone to take one of those pretty little paper hearts
and write a sentiment to the newly weds! How sweet was that!!!

                  Boy Thursdays roll around fast....get yourself in the picture and post it here


penny said...

You tow love birds look Sooo sweet, Jan.
The heart board in a wonderful idea.


penny said...

oops! TWO of you :D

Roan said...

I like the dress! Reminds me of a red and white one I had when I was younger only it was red with white circles. Cute couple!

Faye said...

A cute B & W couple. I'm sure you and Jer could give the new couple some good advice on a happy marriage.

Living Life said...

So cute in your polka dots and stripes!

Jen said...

Sweet pic. of you two... thats neat that everyone wore black/white & cute idea with the hearts.

Teresa said...

What a wonderful picture of the two of you. I love the black and white theme for the wedding attire.