Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Autumn/Fall

                                You all know what this is....Achoooo...need I say more!!!  A sure sign
                                     of  the change of seasons!
                                                   This little fella knows whats ahead!
We are ready for the chill that will be in the Air..our newest addition to our patio will keep us warm!
                    Soon we will be feasting our eyes on breathtaking scenery like this one!


penny said...

Achoo, is right! cute lil' fella squirreling his stash away, warming fireside all aglow then add amber leaves to the mix and you know Fall has arrived.
Lovely shot, Janis
jealous Pam i am :D

joanygee said...

What superb photography! Thank you for sharing.

Faye said...

Sweatshirt weather already! Other than keeping you warm, does your "heater" (chim something. . .)cook as well? And I can't believe the amount of fall color already as in what your captured along the water.

Teresa said...

Beautiful pictures. You're making me anxious for those beautiful fall colors. The squirrels here seem to have beat me to the hickory nuts this year.

MarieElizabeth said...

Love that fire pit, it will definitely be great for the fall evenings.

Pep Manel said...

Very nice pictures. Thanks!