Saturday, August 27, 2011

Earthquake n Hurricane all in One Week

What a week we have had here on the east coast of the mid Atlantic states. On Tuesday at exactly 1:51pm we had a 5.9 earthquake, the tremors lasted just seconds but it totally unglued some of us.This is not a common occurrence in this part of the country and it was so weird to feel that sensation and it was scary at the same time. Luckily there was minimal damage as far as I know and no casualties.
Now this same area is watching n waiting for a huge category 2 hurricane Irene, to travel up the coast and pay us a visit. We live pretty much inland, so we expect winds n rain overnight on Saturday. But the coastal area's are being evacuated because of the storm surge! It's a real nail bitter and everyone is glued to the weather channel. They are saying that this could be a Historic storm because it will affect so many states. Jer n I are sitting tight n praying for the darn thing to blow out to sea and spare the
millions of people who live here!!!
Prayers do if you can...send some our way! Thanx my friends!

                                LATEST DEVELOPEMENT ON THE STORM 9:21am
            just cloudy now, but expecting heavy rain n gusty winds overnite into tomorrow morning here in our  neck of the woods!!!! We really lucked out!!!
  • Irene weakens to Category 1 storm early Saturday, but is still dangerous

  • Landfall expected around 9 a.m. ET at near Cape Lookout on N.C.'s Outer Banks

  • 2.5 million under evacuation orders; 550,000 are in NYC, Long Island

  • NYC, N.J., Philadelphia to suspend mass transit service during part of weekend

  • Hard rain falls on North Carolina's Outer Banks

  • Hurricane Irene zeroed in on land Saturday, losing some power but still threatening a catastrophic run up the East Coast as more than 2 million people were told to move to safer places to escape the massive storm.
    New York City ordered America's biggest subway system shut down for the first time ever because of a natural disaster. A hurricane warning was issued for the city for the first time in two decades, and more than a quarter-million people in New York were ordered to evacuate.
    The warning was in effect Friday from North Carolina in the south all the way to Massachusetts in the north. Officials declared emergencies, called up hundreds of National Guard troops, shut down public transit systems and begged hundreds of thousands of people to obey evacuation orders.
    U.S. airlines were canceling at least 6,100 flights through Monday, grounding hundreds of thousands of passengers. The storm could strike major airports from Washington to Boston with heavy rain and dangerous winds.


    TexWisGirl said...

    stay safe!

    Lois Evensen said...

    Yes, stay safe.

    We are in communication with our oldest son in the DC area, too.

    don said...

    I echo the two posts above! This storm is so huge the effects will be felt for a number of hours. All the best to you and all affected by Irene.

    joanygee said...

    Hoping you all stay safe and sound.

    Nikki (Sarah) said...

    I too echo what others said...stay safe

    Hootin Anni said...

    This is all so unreal. It's been an amazing week, hasn't it? While you experienced the earthquake on the east coast...Colorado had one and so did California...all the same day. Wow. And then Irene...'nough said. Storms like this in such populated areas can play so much havoc on lifestyles and lives.

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