Monday, December 21, 2009

Whats your Favorite Christmas Card?


Faye is our Fun hostess this week and she wants us to share our Christmas card favorites.
What can I say about my favorite Christmas cards....let me see. The first photo depicts the regular cute greeting cards... Have you ever noticed that they all have snow. Now..not everyone lives where it snows...I have to admit that I do equate Christmas with cold n snow, but that is because I grew up in the North east.
This next photo depicts the cards that show the real meaning of Christmas...that is..if your a Christian. I do love these cards and try to keep the Christ child's birth front and center.
I love getting the photo greeting cards....its a great way of seeing friends and family. The group photo that you see is none other then the family of Jan n Jer. The one below is my youngest daughter and her family. On the left is my long time girlfriends three adorable granddaughters. This seems to be the trend in Christmas cards lately.

I am not receiving or sending as many cards as I used to. With email and unlimited phone service I am able to stay in touch and can wish my friends and loved ones a Merry Christmas with an e-card or phone call. I have a feeling that mailing Christmas cards is fast becoming a thing of the past. BTW....TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF WINTER...BRRRRRRRR. Thanks for hosting go see what the rest of the gang has to say!


Thena said...

I always look for cards that have the true meaning of Christmas on them. I don't want Happy Holidays either, has to be Merry Christmas. Beautiful cards, funny when I was leaving a comment for you daughter I was thinking about how close it was to the new year. And reminded me that ya'll come down this way next month.
Merry Christmas!!!!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

I didn't send or get many cards this year either. I am sorry I didn't get one to you! :0(

Living Life said...

I still think people look forward to receving a "hand written" note or card in the mail, don't you? You may be right about technology taking over this tradition and I personally think it's sad. Taking the "time" to write or send a personal note is most meaningful.

Gattina said...

I agree with you, we are all getting closer and closer through modern technology. It's just like the horse carriage and the switch over to cars, lol !

Faye said...

Love your approach to sharing the cards you've received, Jan. Very democratic. I may be in trouble for singling out certain cards,but actually not many of my friends read my blog. You're so right about snow and snowmen being the universal symbol of Christmas. I can tell who the card is from before even looking at the signature because of the snowmen. This year I wanted to make your daughter's melting snowmen ornaments. They were just adorable and original.

Your family photo card is very good--love the casual look and the fact that you included the extended family. Wishing you a joyful Christmas and all the best in 2010, Jan--in case we don't "blog-chat" again before Christmas.

ChrisB said...

I do try and choose cards to suit the person who will receive it. I send out a newsletter to a handful of long standing friends (many from childhood or from my nursing days) and I write a short note in some of the others. It does take a long time but I enjoy the letters I get and hope my family and friends feel the same way.

Merry Christmas.