Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Miss you Mom and Dad

Once a year on Mothers day I go to visit the grave site of my parents. They are buried in a military cemetery. They both were born in the month of March and passed away in the month of December but 45 years a part. My Dad was a mere 34 years of age. He left behind a very young widow of 33 and five young children, three boys and two girls. I was seven at the time. Eleven years went by before I visited my Dads grave for the very first time, our family had no car and the cemetery was pretty far from our home. Since my Mom has passed I go very year on Mothers day weekend. It is so peaceful and beautiful at this cemetery, everything is well kept. It really gives me comfort in knowing that my parents are in such a lovely setting. Also the fact that they are finally together after all those years. Rest in Peace Mom n Dad!


Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

I'm sure they're so proud of you now!

m (the misanthrope) said...

RIP Mom and Dad. I know that they are smiling down at you! I dread the day when my parents pass on. I talk to my mom every day and I can't imagine not having her at the other end of the phone or email.

I've already told my folks that they are not, under any circumstances, permitted to leave this earth. We'll see if they obey ;-)

Living Life said...

Those are great pictures. I am ashamed to say that I have never been to the cemetery to visit, other than when Grandma passed and was buried. It was neat to see these pictures.