Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Graduate



Linda said...

How cute! Our youngest graduated from preschool last week...such a sweet program! She is a cutie too!

Betty Roan said...

Congratulations! Cute, cute, cute!

Tracy said...

She is a proud graduate and so ready for kindergarten.

Lois Evensen said...

A milestone! Congratulations!

Pam said...

Precious in every way, Janis. Congrats to Miss adorable. Now on to first grade she goes my how time flies.

don said...

Great shots to share with the family now...and a treasure years from now.

Faye said...

Start working on that college fund Grandma!

Living Life said...

She is so ready for Kindergarten! She will love it!

Daniel LaFrance said...

Adorable and memorable!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful occasion!

Liz said...

So sweet!!

Anonymous said...

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