Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Favorite Biblical Movie

                                     FUN MONDAY                                           
Todays Fun Monday assignment is all about Biblical stories, characters or movies.
Our most gracious host this week is Roger and here is what he has to say!
  I figured with us going through Holy week, why not go with a little religion, makes sense, right? So this week, I am looking for one of three answers (gotta give you choices). Please share with the group one of the following; your favorite book in the Bible, your favorite character in the Bible, or your favorite biblical based movie.

First of all I would like to say that Jesus is my favorite bible character...What a kind gentle man. God sent his only begotten son and his story is the greatest story ever told!  Being a Christian...I believe every word of it!
My favorite movie depicting Jesus is "The King of Kings"  Jeffrey Hunter plays Jesus and he is exactly how I imagined him to look at that time. Below is a clip of The Sermon on the Mount...Jesus is reciting the "Beatitudes" my favorite part!
A big thank you to Roger for hosting for the entire month! You picked some great topics.


texwisgirl said...

If this is the movie that was made back in the early 60s, my father-in-law was an extra in it (barely glimpsed in one scene) because it was filmed in Madrid when he and the family were stationed there in the Air Force. :)

Pamela said...

how did he preach to all those people without a megaphone. It always has me arching a question mark in my eyebrow.

The Church Lady said...

Thanks for the clip. I watched the whole thing. I love watching Jesus movies. They are so moving.

Molly said...

I do not remember seeing this film, but the Sermon on the Mount with the Beatitudes certainly is profound.

Sayre said...

I think this is one I missed (I always think of Jeffrey Hunter as the first Captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek). Him as Jesus never crossed my mind - so I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this.

Will need to, though.

Georgia Girls said...

What a wonderful world this would be if everyone even tried to live by His teachings. All we can do is be a good example. Thanks for the reminder. I added a short video clip to our blog -- short, simple, profound.

Tracy said...

I haven't seen that one. Maybe I'll get a chance to watch this one during Holy week.

Roger said...

I have never seen this movie, and now I have something to look for, thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for participating, maybe I'll finally get my entry in today. :)