Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its Fun to turn Four

Our little Holly Anna turned four on March 10...due to so many people in the family being sick at that time.(including the girl).we had to postpone the celebration until this past Sunday!!!

First we had to do the pinata so the kids could get their sugar  stash!!! Very important!
Here comes the good stuff!!!
The party animals
Next its time to open!
Oh I love my princess shirt!!!
On to some more good stuff...singing Happy and blowing out the candles.
This is the best Birthday ever...says Holly!!!


texwisgirl said...

She's adorable. So sweet and innocent looking. Happy belated, sweet girl!

The Church Lady said...

The one of her blowing out the candles is too precious!

MarieElizabeth said...

That does look like one the best birthday paties ever! Love the choc chip cake. :)

DoanLegacy said...

She is so pretty, and happy belated birthday!

BJ Roan said...

She is a cutie! Happy Birthday!

Tracy said...

Ain't she cute. She had a pretty good party. She struggled a little bit trying to blow out her candles but, after 4 attempts, she finally succeeded!

Georgia Girls said...

What a cute pinata and cookie cake! They are so easy to please at that wonderful age.

Pam said...

She has a sweet smile just like her grandmother:)
The cup cake pinata will make every one smile and have fun.
Happy forth Birthday cutie!


Jan, please say hi to Jer. I pray he is well and happy.

Pamela said...

yep... nice camera. Great shots.