Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun Pay or Steal

Wow I finally remembered to sign up for Fun Monday...its been hit or miss on my part for a while now. Anyway we have a great group of Gals, in good company who are hosting for the entire month.  Here is the challenge for today...Mar 7: Splurge vs Steal . . . Li st 5 things you are willing to spend your hard earned cash on and five things you would rather steal (hypothetically) than waste your money on.

Well is my list of what I am willing to spend my hard earned loot on!

1.  Housing...I love my home and love fixin it up
2.  Cars....only makes life easier to be able to drive yourself somewhere as opposed to public transportation.  And also the fact that we live in the suburbs!
3. Food...we all gotta this takes up a big chunk of change. My hubs n I try to eat healthy and healthy food cost more then junk food.
4. Entertainment...  Internet...cable tv..movies...going out to eat all fall under this category.
5. Giving to my church...and community and those in need. 

Now for the list of things I would rather steal then pay for (Hypothetically)

1.Health over priced, retired people really get the shaft!
2. Gasoline for my automobile...the prices are outrageous once again.
3. Name or clothing...the generic food brands are just as good if not better then some of the name brands.   As far as clothing , shoes, purses, accessories can get just as well made off brands.  why pay for the name and make that person rich!!! It really is a waste of money!!
4. Some of the things you see in these infomercials. I love when they say..."if you buy now" you will  get another for  the price of one...most of the time...the shipping cost more then the item itself.
5.Certain in the world do the Wealthy Drug companies expect the average person  to pay some of the exorbitant prices on some of the meds.

Now go check out the others and see what they would steal!!!


~sWaMpY~ said...

Amazing how our lists are so very similar ! And regarding the post below . . . love the intensity of those blue eyes and the concentration and the hand on the mouse . . .just love that series of photos, totally.

Faye said...

Who would have thought that not too many years ago that we senior citizens would list the internet and cable as something that we'd be willing to spend our money on? Good for us!

As to this whole health insurance thing--I just went on Medicare this year and am scratching my head at the increase in out of pocket premium costs. One happy thought though, I fully agree with Swampy about that little cutie patootie in the previous pic. Who's doing the school pickups now that grandmother has flown south?

Molly said...

You have composed two thoughtful lists. My participation in Fun Monday was hit or miss too. Currently, this makes up my last several posts.

Jill said...

I agree with the generic thing. I totally buy on sale or cheap whenever I can. I refuse to buy my kid a 'gap' tshirt that says gap. Excuse me but 'screw them'. Will I shop at gap, sure, if they have good/decent prices on decent clothing. However, I'm not making my kid a walking billboard for you.

joanygee said...

It's lovely how we are so alike with our lists.
If you tried the fuel prices over here it's make your eyes water! They're hedaing towards £6 per gallon!

Georgia Girls said...

Your splurge list just makes life comfortable and I'm all for that. The only thing that keeps my inner designer at bay is my Hub and my quick saturation point. I do love it, tho.
I always laugh and chime in with those commercials "but wait! if you call now we include a second item."
The internet is an amazing thing. There's bad with it, but sooo many good things to use it for.
Thanks for joining us today!

кєяo said...

Thanks for visiting my FM post. I like the infomercial thing you mentioned. They seem to be a little tempting at first. I'm your new follower.

The Church Lady said...

I'm afraid pretty soon we will all be wishing we could steal gasoline! It is going to break my pocketbook! Maybe I should start riding my bicycle!

Sayre said...

The price of gas is going up and I'm planning to fix up my old bike (the newer one is not good for commuting) and park the car as much as I can this summer. Good for my wallet and good for me!

I like my creature comforts, but we've had to take a hard look at where we're spending money - and it looks like our satellite TV is going to go. It's $85 a month I could be spending on food or electricity. Unfortunately, ditching AC is not possible here, so TV it is!

Pamela said...

great lists.
I could have written it.