Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A few of my Favorite Things

Every year at Christmas as I drag out all the decorations, I think that I need to update my stuff because every thing I have is so old. Well I am a sentimental kinda girl and I cannot part with any of these.  Even though they are old, each piece means the world to me and I will never part with them.

I have collected quite a few angels through the years and these are a few of my favorites. They were given to me from people that are and were a big part of my life.
This little figurine  was given to me by my Mother back in the seventies, its a music box that plays O Holy night. I still have the original box that it came in with the name tag still on it that says to Janis from Mom.  Now that my Mom has been gone from this world 11 years on Dec 27, I cherish this piece even more and feel so close to her when I see the name tag with her writing on it.
This cute little Angel Rag Doll was made for me by my youngest Daughter back in 1995. She has a  place on the steps every Christmas and it gives me much pleasure to know that it was made with love just for me.
I bought this Golfer Santa for my Husband in the late 90's because he loves to play golf. I can still see the surprise n delight on his face when he opened it.

This nativity scene was made and given to me by my sister in law in 1970.  It has a proud place on my coffee table and will continue to do so. A sad reminder for me now that my sister in law is now in an assistant living facility with Alzheimer's.
This ornament was given to me by my Oldest Daughter just 3 years ago, so its pretty new, but cherished just the same.
This ornament was made for me by my two oldest grand daughters six years ago. Another reminder of how fast these kids grow and to appreciate these precious years.
I hope all of my favorite things will  be passed down to my family after I am gone and will have some sentimental value to them as it has for me.
On this day 56 years ago my Dad went to live with our Father in Heaven. It gives me comfort that he n my Mom are together. Merry Chirstmas Mom n Dad...I will never stop missing you!


Tracy said...

I have a few sentimental Christmas pieces I set out as well. It's surprising that breakables haven't broken yet with toddlers and teens around.

joangee said...

They are so beautiful. My neighbour has a porcelain nativity scene on display.

Pam said...

I love your favorite things, Jan. Isn't it ashame we only enjoy our special things only once a year at Christmas time.

Warm hugs,

The Church Lady said...

Wow Mom. I never knew those things about some of your collectibles. Makes me well up inside. I'm glad that you hold them near and dear to your heart.

Faye said...

I love Christmas decorating done with heart. And nothing says "heart" like getting out those favorite things and displaying them for a short time--and remembering.

I may have shared this blog with you before--if so sorry for the repeat. But, I think you'd love her posts and lovingly decorated home. Elderberry Street

Shirley said...

Jan, you have so many treasured memories in your ornaments. They mean so much more when you set them out each year. I have a favourite, it is my nativity scene. My husband bought the greenware and I finished it at a pottery shop. It was great and is my most treasured gift my husband has given.

Merry Christmas Jan 'n Jer!!

Pamela said...

some beautiful favorites.
I didn't get my santas out this year because they are breakable... and we didn't really have room with the additional stuff in our house (daughter and 3 kids!)