Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am always curious about the old silos. Like old barns, I am sure they have some stories behind them!
Old Barns
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Tracy said...

Good pictures. There's a lot of old ones around here but these days, fewer are seen as housing developments take over acres of farmland.

DoanLegacy said...

I'm also intrigued about the old silos, but never have a chance to see it up close. Fantastic photos!

Anonymous said...

Those silos are so tall & skinny! heheheee
Great barns in the 2nd!

Thanks for participating!

Kim, USA said...

Same here. Around my area some silos are still there without the barn and it's kind of sad. I asked my hubby what do they put in silo's and he said it's corn, that's a lot of corn!!
Old Barns

SouthernSass said...

These are great photos of the old silos and the barn!

These Nine Acres said...

I too love old silos...and barns, and buildings...and really anything old!

Pam said...

I only they could talk, what a wonderful tale they could tell.. but the old silo are silent and their not tattle-tails anyway.
Lovely shots, Jan.

Hope your week is going well.

Denise said...

These old silo's always catch my eye when we go for a ride in the country, but we have one close by. The land was once owned by a farmer and when he sold it the developers - who built a community of townhouses - left the old silo. Forgot to mention in my earlier comment what a gorgeous header photo!