Friday, August 6, 2010

Lets go to the Playground

Going to the local playgrounds have been a big part of entertaining the Grandkids. We are fortunate to have several nice ones within a five mile radius. But, the one that the kids love the most is this one. And it is only 1 mile from our house. Lucky me! The two oldest girls are done with this park...and let me tell you, we spent many hours here. Now the the two youngest are into it big time.

So sweet, they couldnt wait to enter the park

There are picnic grounds outside the play area

The kids call it "The Castle Park"

It's an old park but the township keeps it very well maintained.

Gabby is the perfect age now for this !

It's just as much fun crawling up, as it is coming down

Ok so take the picture so we can slide down

In a few years, Holly will be doing this without help!


Margaret Almon said...

I love the "No food or drink the Kingdom" sign--makes it sound very magical.

LV said...

Those sweet little girls are so cute walking along holding hands. You do not see that much anymore. A very cute post. Always pleased when you drop by for a visit.

joangee said...

What a superb adventure playground; no wonder it's a popular place. Thanks for sharing.

Pamela said...

I remember visiting one like that with one set of my grandkids. Now which set was it. ha ha... memory is jaded

Chesney said...

Looks like they had an awesome day, memories to last a lifetime!

The Church Lady said...

My girls have many memories of the
"Castle Park". Too bad they have outgrown it already.

lisaschaos said...

If I were a kid I would love that park too!