Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rockin n Rollin

Last night around 7:15pm the weather changed dramatically... it went from beautiful bright sunshine to a severe storm within minutes. It carried on with wind, rain, hail and thunder n lightning for about 45 minutes. The end electric for 4 hours. We are very thankful there was no damage to our house...just a few pots blew over and some patio furniture!

Storm clouds coming in
Furry of the storm has begun

Rain coming down in buckets
Storm ending with pea size hail


Faye said...

Woah! Mother Nature pitched a real hissy fit, didn't she? I'm glad you didn't suffer any storm damage except for the inconvenience of being without power for a few hours. I'd take that as an excuse to eat all the ice cream before it melts! :-)

Faye said...

Sneaking back over to follow up on your FM comment at my place. I'm thinking along the same lines for several reasons. Trying to find some other memes--as you've done with your Just Shoot Me--that are more in line with my interests. I don't like so many limitation on what I choose to write. Ah, growing pains! Never fear, I'll come to PA for regular visits and hope you'll do the same for KY.

The Church Lady said...

YOu definitely got it worse than we did in our neighborhood! We were spared! Whew!

Anonymous said...

that was some rain. thanks for stopping by, I hope I get to go too