Monday, May 31, 2010

Patriotic Monday

 The Church Lady is our fun hostess this week and here is her challenge......Hello all! I am hosting Fun Monday for May 31st and since here in the states we are observing Memorial Day, the assignment is to post a photo of something patriotic or post a photo honoring a veteran.

My patriotic photo would have to be my Hubby Jerry.   He is a veteran of the United States Navy. Serving 
his time from 1959--1963. Although he did not fight in any wars, he was brave enough to enlist to serve our country if needed.  The ship he was assigned to was "The USS Strong" DD -758 a Naval Destroyer. He got to see quite a bit of the world during his four years.  God bless all the veterans who served and are now serving our Country.  Happy Memorial Day!  Thank You!


Mariposa said...

Very lovely! :)

joangee said...

1959-1963 were scary times because of the Cold War.
Thank you to all who have served and those who are serving their country.

These Nine Acres said...

Thanks, Jer for serving our country! Happy Memorial Day!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, Jerry !

Sayre said...

I have several members of my family who have served in various militaries. My grandfather was in the Royal Navy. Two uncles who went to Vietnam. Two brothers who've spent time in the Middle East (one of which is about to become a base commander in Kuwait). Unfortunately, I have no pictures of them in uniform or that would have been my post for today.

Faye said...

Good point, Janis. The country may not have been at war at the time, but Jer, like many others, stepped up to serve if needed. Thanks to him and others who did the same.

The Church Lady said...

Thank you for your time dedicated to our great country!

Sandy said...

Happy Memorial Day and thanks, Jerry.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Thank you, Jerry for your service. I appreciate it. So glad you didn't have to go to war.

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