Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Little Drama Queen

As the youngest member of our family was wading in the water on Sunday...I thought to myself..hope she doesnt fall in. Thats exactly what happened. As she stood crying that her "favorwite dress" was all wet..I had to get it on camera.

It was all down hill from there...nothing seemed to suit her for the rest of the day!
She did stop crying long enough to eat a piece of her uncles cake though!


Sayre said...

Looks like she started up again right after she finished (blue icing and all!).

I'm laughing, but somedays I know exactly how she feels.

The Church Lady said...

She was having so much fun at first. I believe she was simply tired out! Love her blue lips!

Faye said...

When a girl's favorite dress gets wet, not much that can be done to save the day--not even blue frosting! That's a face full of unhappiness. :-) And maybe needing a nap?

m (the misanthrope) said...

Awww...yeah, I think tiredness probably contributed. I remember stumbling/falling as a kid and being so frustrated that my motor skills weren't what I thought they should be, i.e. I couldn't quite keep up with the older kids or adults.

In your wonderful comment, you mentioned surprise that I hadn't become a vet. Well, I actually did consider it a few years ago, and even applied to vet school.

As I was going through the application process, I realized that I needed to take some basic biology courses (I had gotten all the way through a chemistry degree without any bio at all). As part of that, we had to dissect a dead fetal pig. I almost fainted and couldn't bring myself to do the dissection.

So, while I was interviewed by 2 vet schools and accepted by one, I decided not to go. A vet passing out on her first day of surgery would not help the animal.

Human doctors (MDs) can specialize - e.g. a psychiatrist, who never has to touch a patient. But veterinarians are expected to do surgery on their chosen species and I realized that while I had the academic chops for vet school, I couldn't handle the blood-and-guts portion of it.

So there you go. If I had gone to vet school, I would have graduated 2 years ago. I still look back and wonder if I made the right choice...surely I could have learned to handle the ickier parts...but I don't know. I have to trust that the Higher Power has things under control and I ended up where I was meant to be, but it's at times like this that I wonder.

Thanks as always for visiting - your comments make my day!

karisma said...

Awww what a cutie!

Tracy said...

I wish we could have recorded her saying in her most pathetic voice, "My dress is wet and I wanted the piece of cake with the flower on it!"

These Nine Acres said...

Awwww...poor thing! She is so sweet ;0) Love the blue lips.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, those are adorable. I love photos like this. You know, cake is good for whatever ails ya'.

Sarah said...

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