Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabby

Today is my sweet Grand daughter Gabby's 6th Birthday. !

Happy Birthday Gabby Girl...we Love U!


Tracy said...

I'm so glad you got pictures of those moments because I didn't have a chance to. I love the last picture. Her eyes are striking.

The Church Lady said...

Happy birthday to Gabby! She is becoming so grown up looking. Where did the past 6 years go?

Anonymous said...

Look at those beautiful blue eyes and wonderful smile.
Happy Birthday, young lady !

Nita Digirolamo said...

I love her eyes! She has grown so big for a six year-older here. I wonder how big she is now. Anyway, celebrating a kid's birthday is always exciting for the parents, especially for the celebrant. That's why you do your best to give him or her a party that he or she will never forget. It's a great time, too, to bond with the whole family. I hope that you served only the best food for them here.

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