Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shoot Me..1 of 52

This is a fun thing to do every Thursday...if you would like to join in go here... Forever in blue Jeans.

Just me n my Grans!


m (the misanthrope) said...

Great pics (today's and yesterday's)! The handsome horse reminds me of Mister Ed. And the Forever in Blue Jeans made me smile. Do you know that for years, I thought the lyric said "Reverend Blue Jeans"? I figured it was about a minister who liked to dress down *sigh*

Yep...I do drive a stick shift. I just like having that extra measure of control over the car. Weird, yes. But the clutch can be difficult on my knee in heavy traffic, so I may not be able to drive stick forever.

Jan said...

So glad you joined in, too. Great photo of you all.

The Church Lady said...

This is a grat idea. Perhaps I will join in next week.

Faye said...

Good Gran! This looks like a fun outing for the girls--of all ages. Just wondering--why is it that the teen and pre-teen are the only ones with shopping bags? :-)

Have a good weekend Janis.

~KATE~ said...

welcome to the SHOOT ME club, ms. jan! cheers! ^^,

here is my Shoot Me entry \(^^)/

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the challenge. It's a lot of fun!

Great picture.

Carin said...

Aw, that is such a great picture! So glad you joined the challenge. You have a beautiful family!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

What a great looking bunch! You're a lucky lady.

Pamela said...

oh sigh...
another sigh.
wish I lived closer to mine.

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