Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Showers

The weather forecast in this area is calling for rain for the next 3 days. Looks like we will not see the sun again until Wednesday... UGH! I try not to get too upset when I hear this, because I know it really is a good thing for many reasons.
I know that my newly planted tomatoes plants will get a good start to take root in the ground

I know the grass will stay a beautiful lush green

I know my azaleas will get a good drink of water to help all the buds to burst open

I know the new growth on my spruce is a healthy sign that it is doing good

Even my Holly bush is loving the rain
So I just sit back and wait and watch all of nature being transformed by our friend..
RAIN !!!


These Nine Acres said...

I try to keep a good frame of mind too, but man is it hard on the third yucky day to keep the spirits up!

Sayre said...

We had a marvelous overnight rain and today my flower bed is rejoicing! They love the natural rain so much more than what comes out of the hose.

The Church Lady said...

Yep, April showers bring those May flowers! The week ahead looks gargeousss!!

Debs said...

Wonderful pictures. :)
I wish I had more of a green thumb.

m (the misanthrope) said...

Hello my friend! Thank you SO much for your wonderful visit and comment. I hope to do better with the blogging...and meanwhile, I add my gripe to yours re the rain. Yep I know it's needed and all, but - blah! April showers and all that. Here's hoping for warmth and sunshine!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Hmm. Trying to keep a positive attitude on this end regarding our lack of sunshine and warmth. The rain certainly does keep everything green.

Pamela said...

we've been rainy here -- but the wind keeps blowing and drying right behind it.

I'm ready for a warm sunny day.
Nice photos. I don't have azaleas anymore. Between having had to dig up our yard a few years ago and having some cold winters with no snow -- some of our plants have gone to plant heaven (at least I hope they are there.)