Monday, February 1, 2010

Jan's Movie Reviews


Sayre is once again our fun hostess this week and here is a very different challenge.......

Let us participate in our own Fun Monday-sort of way. I want you to think about the movies that you OWN. Not movies you've seen, but the ones you felt strongly enough to go out and buy. You will be your very own awards committee, awarding your movies an Oscar in the following categories

For the past 14 years the next three movies have been played the most in my home, so I thought it was only fair to present them with a special entertainment award.

Barney and friends helped me keep my sweet grand daughters in one place for at least 30 minutes at a time. It all started with Carley...going on 14 yrs ago. She was the first to watch this funny purple dinosaur,then it was Casey, then came Gabby and now its down to Holly 3yrs of age. We are still watching the same video all these years. Its funny...if you watched American Idol last of the kids that starred on that show was auditioning. I give Barney the Purple Dinosaur the Grandmothers helper with kids award! 3rd place

Lets move onto getting a little the girls in the same order as above became glued to the TV, watching this movie..."Barbie The Nutcracker" they would sit mesmerized watching Barbie and the sugar plumb fairies dance. What little girl doesn't love Barbie! The Grandmothers keep kids occupied for at least 1 hour award goes to this movie...2nd place

Last but not least.....ET gets the # 1 top Movie award. This movie is a classic and has been entertaining kids n Adults for many many years. I myself could sit and watch this movie over n over again.
Jer n I enjoy going to the movies and renting them for home viewing. We just really never felt like we had to buy a movie that we already watched. The ones above were donated by daughter #1 to keep at my house when the kids came over.
Now go see what the rest of our movie goers have to say.. Thanks for hosting Sayre.


The Church Lady said...

I agree with you on ET. That movie is a classic for sure! WHat a funny twist on the FM Oscar Awards!

Sayre said...

None of us ever really got into Barney, though being employed by a PBS station, I certainly was around him enough. I remember that little girl - she's all grown up NOW!

We loved the Barbie movies. It started with Nutcracker, then Rapunzel (Wanda Sikes as the dragon was hilarious) - and there were a few others. I love her adaptations but I'm not crazy about the madeup Barbie stories.

I loved ET, but my boy never quite got into it. I'm not sure why.

Thanks for playing!

Lil Mouse said...

I never liked Barbie (tom boy I guess) and the line at our school was 'we hung Barney from a tree' instead of 'we're a happy family' although I heard many other vicious lines isntead, I'm afraid no one over the age of 5 liked Barney and by the time they were out of Kindergarten, most of the kids that really liked Barney were not fans, at least in public, anymore. Barney may be the greatest divisor of kids ever! You either love him or can't stand him! ET is a classic, though!

Faye said...

Smart grandmother to get the daughters to provide entertainment for the little grands. I'm kind of recalling some very cute photos of them engrossed in Barbie? ET was that special gentle fantasy movie that both adults and children could see and love.

Gattina said...

Oh ET ! the big hero of the little and less little once, lol! My son loved it and I too !

Mariposa said...

LOVE those 3 you mentioned, love the twist you did! LOL

Debs said...

I worked at a daycare and Barney was watched all the time. When I had my kids, I was a mean mama. I did not buy Barney tapes. They just watched him on tv. LOL

ET phone home. LOVE this movie too!

Pamela said...

Barbie? I guess I knew there was a barbie movie... but why? ha ha ha ha.

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