Friday, March 6, 2009

A Mother/Daughter/Blogger weekend

I am so excited, both of my Daughters Kelly and Tracy are coming here to Brunswick Ga this Thursday for a long weekend. We are going to have some really nice weather too, the temps are going to be in the mid 70's. Its going to be a Mother -Daughter weekend for sure. They arrived in Jacksonville Fl. Airport at 2:30 pm right on time. After a 50 minute drive we were in Brunswick Ga.
After getting unpacked, we had our "Happy Hour" we love our wine and cheese! and just hung out for the evening... of course we had to watch "American Idol"
Friday we did a tour of Jekyll Island, did some beach combing and look what Tracy found, a sand dollar. Next we hopped on over to St. Simons Island, had lunch and did some shopping at all the cute little shops.

After our shopping spree, we hit the beach again. The weather was just fabulous, such a great day to just walk around and take in the sights. We left St. Simons and went downtown Brunswick to "1st Friday celebration" The first Friday of every month from 5pm -8pm all the shops have wine tasting and snacks, plus musicians performing up and down main street. It was really nice.

Saturday, we are off shopping again, only this time, its back to Jacksonville Fl. for a big Flea Market. They are very popular here in the south. It will be an early rise on Sunday to get started at 6am for our long drive back to Hanover Pa.

After our long drive, this is our final destination. The place where Jer and I spend most of the year. I love to sit in my rocker on the front porch in nice weather. Happy hour starts with a glass of wine in the evenings and a wave to the neighbors as they walk by.


Thena said...

Sounds like your having a perfect, beautiful weekend.

LadyStyx said...

What a gorgeous house!! Sounds like a great time was had by all.

♥ watching them blossom said...

How wonderful for your girls to spend some time with you!! Hope you had a safe trip home!

m (the misanthrope) said...

What a beautiful weekend, Janis! Drive safely on the way home (gorgeous home too, by the way) and let us know how you fared!