Friday, December 12, 2008

Time to Rant and Rave

Well people, I just have to let off some steam. I just have to ask one question!!! What the H--- is happening to our country??? Now, I'm sure I asked this question before, but I can't help it. Until I get a good sensible answer, I will keep on asking. This issue with the Big 3 car companies begging our government for a bail out because they are going under, is disheartening to me. The arrogance of the CEOs of those companies to show up in front of congress after flying in on a private jet and ask for money. It is unbelievable, the gall of some people is beyond me. Why should they get bailed out, let them file bankruptcy. Doesn't anyone take responsibility for things they did wrong??? Like the CEOs who run these companies. Did the workers get rich? no the CEOs did. They have such a stock pile of inventory, they need to unload them first before they make more. The next thing I want to get off my chest is.....the governor of Illinois, who is this Jerk??? what happened to a conscience, doesn't anyone have one anymore?? It just goes to show you "Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely" as quoted by a very wise person.
What are your thoughts on this???


Tracy said...

CEO's make the decisons that can either make or break a company. It's a shame that greed has interferred with their logical decision making processes. If these companies fail that means millions of people will lose their jobs. I belive the only way to correct the problem is a bailout.

Swampwitch said...

Why should our tax dollars bail them out so they can have millions to live on for the rest of their lives? They are worried about anyone but THEMSELVES.
No one bailed me out when the insurance company decided not to cover my last chemo treatment because I had to be hospitalized so the doctors could monitor my vital signs in case I went into a coma...those nasty letters from the collection agency came EVERY month while I paid that 5 digit bill on a single mom's school teacher's salary.
Where is the accountantability? Send those thieves to prison. They have stolen from all of us.

{i}Post said...

We are just enabling them to do the same thing again. Let them fail.

The Church Lady said...

I agree with you on this issue. It's absolutely insaine to think that we need a Car Czar???? Did you read the Freedom Writer's post on this issue?