Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Time in Florida

Jer and I spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Oviedo Florida with his son's family, Jerry jr. Sue, Brittny and Zachary. We arrived on wed in the late afternoon, it is a 3 hr. drive from our place in Ga. I could not get over how much Brittny (age 17) and Zach (age 13 next month) have grown, kids have a way of doing that. It's been over a year since I last saw them. Jer got to see them this past Aug when they returned to the states. They spent a year living in the UK, due to a temporary job their Dad had over there. Let me tell you, it was like a year long vacation for them. They went to Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Egypt, plus touring all over the UK. Those kids are well traveled. What a wonderful experience and opportunity for them at such a young age. It's a big world out there and they got to see part of it. They had lots of pictures to show us plus many unique souvenirs and best of all the memories they will have forever. Things have been busy for them since they got back in Florida. Zach is adjusting to a much bigger classroom size in the middle school, Brittny is a senior and is applying to many collages in Florida. Jer and I had a nice four day visit with them and will be back over the Christmas break.


{i}Post said...

What a beautiful family! Glad you all had a great time visiting!

Tracy said...

Wish we could have been together but atleast you were able to celebrate with other members of your family.