Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Day of Up's and Down's

Yesterday Sept 16 was a day of ups and downs for me. It started out good at first, I left my house to drive into Baltimore to visit with my sister Barb. I arrived at her house at 10am, we exchanged gifts to each other then we left to go visit our sister in law Laura. She is at Stella Maris in the Alzheimer's unit. Its always so heart rendering during these visits, Laura is still able to do for herself as far as dress, eat and bath, but she has trouble articulating a thought and remembering people, place and things. She does know my brother (her hubby) and my sister, but I don't think she remembers me. It breaks our family's heart to have her in this home, but we know she is being well cared for, something my brother no longer could handle. After our visit, Barb and I went to chick fila and had lunch, then we went to K-mart and I was able to find a car booster seat for my granddaughter Gabby(I had been looking all over). Bingo! I hit the jackpot, there it was, exactly what Gabby wanted, A Pink and Purple booster seat. I started my journey back home before rush hour traffic, just 10 minutes from my destination, the phone rang, it was Jerry, he had been having chest pains all day and his cardiologist told him to go to the ER. They admitted him and today they did a thallium stress test on him to see if he had any blockage in his heart. Good news! he was clear. I brought him home around 6:30pm. He still has to have some other health issues taken care of, but they are minor. So, as you can see, the day was up and down. It's funny how days can turn out that way. For the most part though, Jer and I know how blessed we are, there are lots of people out there that are dealing with much worst then we are.

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Tracy said...

Hopefully you'll have more up's then down's. Glad Jer is home.

Love ya,